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BroadLAND: Mayors Lead the Way on Broadband Deployment (VIDEO)

New video highlights successful mayors whose policies foster broadband competition and streamline new network deployment

WASHINGTON DC (January 18, 2024) – Internet for All is a national priority and America’s mayors will play a critical role in making historic broadband investments in the bipartisan Infrastructure Act a success.

In a new video, the BroadLAND USA campaign is highlighting several mayors who understand the urgent need to speed the deployment of new networks to families and small businesses across the nation.

The BroadLAND USA campaign video spotlights mayors leading the fight to streamline permitting, enhance innovation and attract investment in their communities. In these testimonials you will hear what makes a local broadband infrastructure project a success, and warnings against monopoly policies that create hurdles and roadblocks to faster, more affordable internet solutions.

“We have a historic opportunity to bring better, faster internet to millions of families in need, and America’s mayors have the power to shape a better broadband future,” said Chip Pickering, CEO of INCOMPAS and Co-Chair of the BroadLAND USA Campaign. “As Federal and State policymakers seek to implement the bipartisan Infrastructure Act, they should look to mayors and local leaders who lead fiber friendly cities that welcome competition, faster speeds and lower prices.”

The video features a variety of mayors including: Mayor John Giles (Mesa, Arizona), Mayor Rex Richardson (Long Beach, California), Mayor Ron Nirenberg (San Antonio, Texas), Mayor Quinton Lucas (Kansas City, Missouri), Former Mayor Jade Piros De Carvalho (Hutchinson, Kansas), Mayor Jerry Weirs (Glendale, Arizona).

To help speed broadband deployment, increase competition, attract investment, and close the digital divide, several leading mayors are using the BroadLAND USA campaign’s ‘Broadband Ready City Checklist’ to help their communities prepare for the future. The “Broadband Ready City Checklist” helps states and local leaders speed deployment of new broadband infrastructure designed to boost speeds, lower prices and connect all Americans to the internet.


About BroadLAND USA:

Internet for all is our mission, competition is our guide. The BroadLAND USA Campaign is a project of INCOMPAS, the internet and competitive networks association. Launched in 2021 by Chip Pickering and Mignon Clyburn, BroadLAND was a leading supporter of the bipartisan Infrastructure Act, and champion for competition and innovation policies that drive the streaming revolution and speed deployment of faster, future-focused networks that bring greater choice and affordability. BroadLANDadvocates for an “all of the above” network strategy that promotes wholesale access, fiber, wired, wireless, 5G, satellite technology and beyond.

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