Broadband Ready City Checklist

Building better, faster broadband can connect every American to the future. From rural communities to city centers, new networks and more competition will benefit families, schools, libraries, health centers and small businesses.

This is a historic moment and preparing for broadband infrastructure projects is critical. The BroadLAND USA Checklist promotes public and private sector partnerships that are proven to speed deployment, save money, and connect communities to competition, innovation, and investment.

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Broadband Money for Broadband Projects

Focus application fees to actual, objectively reasonable costs incurred by the jurisdiction to process an application. Limit right-of-way access fees to the actual, objectively reasonable cost.

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Streamlined for Speed

Implement expedited or streamlined review
of zoning and permitting applications that facilitate wireless and fiber
deployment, including those that make efficient use of existing
infrastructure pursuant to federal law.

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Transparent Review

Establish procedures to allow all forms, applications and documentation related to a project to be reviewed and either approved or denied within 30 days after the application is submitted. Adopt efficient intake procedures, such as batch permitting and electronic submission.

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Pro Innovation

Empower next generation industries. Allow the use of innovative deployment processes and construction techniques, such as micro-trenching, that speed deployment and cut construction time. Promote investment in faster, future proof networks that are built to last and enable an “all of the above” deployment strategy.

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Smart Restoration

It’s important that broadband money is spent on broadband projects. By supporting smart street restoration obligations that are proportional to the scope of the construction required for the deployment and set at the time of the application, communities will maximize the benefits of their broadband dollars.