Connecting Rural America.

The heartland is the home for ideas. But over 30 million Americans lack access to broadband. Kids are doing homework in parking lots, and rural hospitals can’t connect with patients. Bad maps and monopoly broadband policies have failed rural America.

It’s time for new networks and more competition. Any solution – fiber, wired, wireless, satellite or 5G – must be deployed as quickly as possible.

Let’s get building.


America’s boom towns create jobs for the future. But old, slow and aging broadband infrastructure is holding back cities, suburbs and small towns. Lack of choice, high prices and slow speed are frustrating families and hurting small businesses who need faster internet to grow.

New networks built by competition help mayors and city leaders attract jobs and investment.

The Infrastructure Solution

Speed up.

Historic bipartisan Infrastructure Act funds should Incentivize NEW networks that deliver the fastest speeds and greater bandwidth. Don’t waste money on old and slow. America needs Gigabit goals and beyond.

Price Down.

We know that competition works and monopolies fail. The LAST thing public Infrastructure funding should do is subsidies monopolies. Competition drives broadband prices lower and gives consumers choices. Wholesale access is a proven monopoly buster and will help states create more JOBS, bring new innovations and force older networks to upgrade and compete on services and price.

Build Fast.

Families and small businesses can’t wait for better broadband. We must help states, cities and towns with resources and guidance that speeds deployment, attracts competition and increases investment. The Broadband Ready City Checklist helps local communities speed deployment and ensure broadband money goes toward broadband projects.

Broadband Ready City Checklist.

Building better, faster broadband can connect every American to the future. From rural communities to city centers, new networks and more competition will benefit families, schools, libraries, health centers and small businesses.

View the Broadband Ready City Checklist

The Broadband Economy

Demand for more bandwidth
Faster speeds
New networks
Lower prices

Broadband Usage Keeps Growing

Average broadband consumption per household.

Gigabytes consumed, downstream and upstream.


Mignon Clyburn
Mignon Clyburn is a Former commissioner of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and the South Carolina Public Service Commission (PSC)

Chip Pickering
Chip Pickering is the CEO of INCOMPAS, a former Republican Member of Congress from Mississippi